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"Thank you again for everything! It was a fantastic display and MiJa and Lucius were so overjoyed. Their guests were also blown away. I will definitely look forward to working with you in the future!"


With much gratitude,

- Rita Swanson, Premier Planning Services, Inc.


"The water cakes were awesome and your show gets better and better every year! It was amazing!"

- Fans at The Roc | The Roc Fireworks Display on Lake Alexander


"Awesome 2013 New Years Eve fireworks display!"

- Granit Peak Ski Hill


"Our fireworks display for our May 2014 wedding was absolutely amazing!!!!! All of our guests LOVED the show! Was PERFECT!!!

- Sarah and Jeremy Mohr


"Check out the amazing fireworks pictures at MerrillFotoNews - Fireworks 2014"

- Merrill Foto News - Kelle O'Day

The Roc Fireworks Display on Lake Alexander


"The fireworks display was a patriotic and awesome show! See you again next year!"

- Lake Alexander Club & Rock Island Resort - July 3 Fireworks - Satisfied Customer


"The fireworks display exceeded our expectations! It was amazing and we will see you next year!"

- Fenwood Lions Club | Fireworks Display


"Enjoyed the awesome fireworks display on July 3, 2013! It was a show to remember."

- Josh, Satisfied Customer


"The fireworks display exceeded my wildest expectations and fun was had by all wedding guests! Thanks for making their day complete!"

Matt Taylor, Satisfied Guest

- Derrick Hoff's Wedding Celebration


"Barges in the middle of Lake Alexander directly across from Rock Island as the launching pad for Sunday's incredible fireworks display. The show was a tribute to America and the Green Bay Packers."

- Merril Foto News - Kelle O'Day | Patriotic Celebration - Local Newspaper


"I absolutely love fireworks ever since I was a child. Your shows at the Rock Island from the last couple of years have been special. This year, you had more new stuff, things that I've never seen before. That's awesome to me. My son and my wife feel the same way too. Keep up the good work guys and continue to be safe!!!"

- Dustin H.


"Mark and Jackie were great to work with and put on an outstanding fireworks display for our first wedding at the ranch!! Can't wait to have them back again!"

- Wendy, Rondele Ranch


"I recently moved to the Merrill area and had been hoping to invite my family to see what events and opportunities the area had in store for us... A.R.F. Pyro's Fourth of July (2016) show was absolutely spectacular and provided my family and I with a wonderful time!"

- Kate Baker


"The ROC July 3,2016 show over Lake Alexander was awesome as always! Great job Mark and Jackie and team."

- JoEllyn V.


"A special thanks to Mark and Jackie of ARF Pyro and Professional Displays LLC., for supporting the display insurance and extra product for a great cause. Your support was greatly appreciated for our 2016 benefit. Thanks again guys!"

- Steve and Katrina, Relay for Life Benefit


"ARF Pyro and Professional Displays LLC., provided an awesome display along with special affects on July 4, 2016 at the Fenwood ball park!"


"It gets more amazing every year. Thanks for the great display of independence! See you again next year!"

- Eddie, President of the Village of Fenwood


"2016 Relay for Life Display

It was spectacular- one of the best I have seen in awhile. Not to mention we could sit in our front yard and have a perfect view. We loved it! Great job for a great cause!!"

- Lori Broesch


"The fireworks provided for pumpkin festival October 2016 at Great Northern motel were great! See ARF Pyro and Professional Displays LLC again in 2017! Thanks again, the fireworks were awesome!"

- Eric - Great Northern Motel


"My grandma and grandpa wanted to do something special for my golden birthday, so they contacted Jackie & Mark at ARF Pyro & Professional Displays LLC. They are licensed and insured and did an awesome professional firework display right on the ice behind their house. I loved it!"

- Kyleigh


"The firework show at Rondele Ranch 2017 was so good!! It was 35 minutes long and the best show I've ever seen!! Awesome job!!!!"

- Kaetlyn T.


"Job well done at the rondele ranch on 7-1-17! Great assortment of fireworks and professionally shot as well. There was even types of fireworks I've seen

before, very neat! One of a kind, the best show ever witnessed!"

- Keaton Thompson


"Awesome show! Perfect display every time! Love the unique water cakes & big boomers keep up the great work!"

- Jeff & Jackie


"I attended the Rondele Ranch Fireworks for July 2017. What an amazing show you put on. This was the best fireworks display my family has ever seen. We enjoyed the show and will attend next year! It was spectacular!"

- Kelly Kraegenbrink


"Mark, Jackie and team from ARF Pyro and Professional Displays put on a spectacular display for our July 1, 2017 display for the Cassian Fire Dept fundraiser event! Our out of town (state) guests never seen such an awesome display. Thank you and you will be back in the future for our other events!"

- Bob Owner of Rondele Ranch


"The July 3, 2017 display at The Roc over Lake Alexander were the best ever! Great job done by all, your show was awesome! Keep it up!"

- Butch


"On the 3rd they were at Rock Island Resort Merrill WI. It was nonstop for a half hour.

I was in awe. I loved the floating cakes and just when it couldn't get any better the grand finale. The only thing that kept coming to my mind was frickin' A man, I was speechless. They did one hell of a good job. In all my years of going to Rock Island every year gets better. They set them off in the middle of the water on barges. I would recommend them to anyone that asks."

- Doreen Ryder


"The July 4, 2017 display was spectacular and fun had by everyone! Great crowd from surrounding communities. Thanks for a perfect display!"

- Eddie Meilke, town of Fenwood


"Working with Jackie was a wonderful experience for myself as well as my wedding couple! Her responses were timely and ultimately the A.R.F. team put on a spectacular display for their wedding guests! I am very much looking forward to working with A.R.F. again!"

- Johanna Wittmann | Owner, CWP


"2017 Pumpkin Run fireworks display: The event went great considering the weather situation, thank you for being so flexible and making sure we got the package shot off. Thanks!"

- Eric, Great Northern Hotel


"We can't wait to experience an awesome fireworks display better than before!"

- Rondele Ranch

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